Measuring your Black Student against International Assessments, Private School Evaluations, and Public School National Common Core Standards in math, reading, science, and humanities is the most important thing a Black Parent should do.   The National College Center provides Black Parents student scores from the following metrics:

Every state administers its version of a national Common Core Assessment Exam in at least Math and English as early as Grade 2.  Often, there are separate tests for students over 10 years old in the physical sciences.  The National College Center considers Common Core Assessments to be a minimum standard.  That is because students who exceed proficiency on State Exams often score at the bottom of SAT and ACT Exams, and/or fail to pass Advanced Placement Exams.  The National College Center will have your student take your state’s Common Core test.

Common Core Assessment Exams are administered by your state’s Department of Education.

Most selective colleges have more students from the top 1% of the income scale than from the bottom 60%.

Rich students attend private schools, and private schools administer the ISEE.  To compete with rich students, Black Parents need to know how their student performs on a grade-appropriate ISEE Exam.  The National College Center will have your student take this test.

The Education Records Bureau administers the ISEE.

In a global world, Black Students are competing with elite students from every continent.  International students have increased their applications to American Colleges by 700% over the past 5 years.  It is important for Black Parents to have their students take a grade-appropriate PISA Exam to know where they stand internationally.  The National College Center will have your student take this exam.

The Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), a division of the United Nations, administers the PISA.

We need these scores to establish a baseline for your student.  Once we have these scores, we can recommend the customized course of study required for your child to reach elite grade level standards in every course.