Monitoring is a complex task requiring intimate knowledge of College Board Rubrics, State Standards, District Policies, School Resources, Classroom Environment, Parental Involvement, and Student Engagement.  There is a lot to keep track of.


Every district allows parents to view student grades online.  At NCC, however, we don’t just monitor your student.  We also monitor their learning environment relative to standards.  The College Board often changes its Advanced Placement and SAT requirements.  States often tweak their testing standards.  Districts often change the designation of schools.  Schools often adopt new texts or personnel.  Hard working teachers often struggle to teach at grade level.  Busy Black Parents are often not informed promptly of academic modifications.  And finally, Black Students are often behind academically and don’t know it.

The National College Center monitors the pace of the class, the school environment, the district policies, and the state standards to make certain your Black Student is able to compete with any elite student, anywhere, and at any time.  We are the only resource that gives Black Parents this capacity.